5th and 6th Grade

This Week in 5 and 6, Sept. 30

We are finishing chapter 1 and making a map of archaeological sites.  Question for Shabbat dinner: What’s your archaeological site called?

This week in music, we had theory game day and played an original rendition of “Candyland” music style! We received a beautiful performance of si…

This Week in 5 and 6, Sept.. 23

This week students are learning the BCE/CE dating system, starting a project, and going on a field trip.  Question for Shabbat dinner: What’s your favorite object you saw at the Yale Art Gallery?

Tefillah has been especially lovely this week! The students are learning niggunim for Elul.…

This Week in 5 and 6, Sept. 16

Students learned this week in history about some tools, methods, and ethics of studying the past.  Question for Shabbat dinner: What was in one of the ancient cave paintings you saw?

This week we did an introduction into music class and talked about how music affected our summers! Our firs…

Welcome Back, 5 and 6!

The class learned about archaeology this week.  Shabbat dinner question: What’s an important artifact in your home?

We have been discussing where we use math in our life, and the students started to work on a project that relates math to their own life.

The best thing we did this week…

Last Week of School for 5 and 6!

We read a long short story called ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ which the students loved. We are now looking at examples of foreshadowing and irony in the story.

We finished our Israel presentations about the Hula Valley, the Galilee and issues of water shortages in Israel. Students used C…