5th and 6th Grade

This Week in 5 and 6, Jan. 27

We are continuing our study of Hammurabi’s Code and comparing it to U.S. and Jewish law codes.

Last week in art the students learned about the Chinese New Year which was Sunday, January 22 and the importance of dragons to the Chinese culture. They also learned about doing detailed close-u…

This Week in 5 and 6, Jan. 20

This week we studied the first two empires that conquered Sumer (Akkad and Babylon), did a Sumerian economic reenactment, and started studying Hammurabi’s Code.

In the 6th grade Pre-Algebra course, we have been working on dimensional analysis, as well as with percentages, discounts, marku…

This Week in 5 and 6, Jan. 13

We reviewed the development of writing in Sumer and learned more about Sumerian religion during Ancient History.

In math, we have been working on the area of polygons.

This week 5-6 are preparing to lead the school in our Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration. Students researched unsung he…

This Week in 5 and 6, Jan. 6

We’re continuing our study of Sumerian society through the lens of Enheduanna in ancient history.  Question for Shabbat dinner: Who was Enheduanna?

In music this week we had a theory day and learned about time signatures then tried to guess the time signatures in songs! Our Mimi Award wi…

This Week in 5 and 6, Dec. 9

We are learning about Sumerian society and technology in ancient history and preparing for the test on Sumer.

In math, we are learning about algebraic expressions and properties.

In art, the students finished painting their stained glass windows. Next week they will add the frame.