Happy Thanksgiving from 5 and 6!

In ancient history, we are learning about Sumerian civilization, city-states, and especially ziggurats this week–how they compare modern city halls, how they relate to the Tower of Babel, and how they contrast with the egalitarian architecture of Catal Huyuk.  Question for Shabbat/Thanksgiving dinner: According to our textbook, what’s one trait of civilization?

Our 5th-8th grade classes had a guest speaker this week, alum Ari Kaufman-Franfel. Ari works as a staff member for Senator Whitehouse in Rhode Island and he spoke to the students about his duties as a member of the senator's staff and the different projects that his team is working on.

In art the students started a project on stained glass windows. We talked about where they are traditionally found and how they often tell stories, create beautiful rose windows, or depict pictures of nature or geometric designs.



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