This Week in 5 and 6, April 29

This week in geography we studied the Arabian Peninsula, as well as the countries of Iraq and Iran. We focused on the importance of oil as demand for this “black gold” rose throughout the world over the last century and the impact it had on geopolitics; students also learned about the Iran Hostage Crisis and the impact it had on American politics.

We are reading different novels about the Holocaust. In between times, we are learning how to interpret different poems using the acronym TWIST.

To go along with the reading, students did a webquest that I made about different aspects of the Holocaust. They are now working in groups researching different information about different ghettos.

In music we got a dance performance from Jacob, Eleanor B, and Gabby! We also played xylophones and worked more on our note reading. Our mimi award winner was Caleb, with great posture and attentiveness!

In art we continued to work on our letter illuminations.


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