This Week in 5 and 6, Dec. 23

The sixth grade math students are designing a theme park. They are creating a blueprint of the park, calculating the area, and length of fence needed for each ride, as well as the costs.

In Judaics, we began working on the Book of Exodus (Shemot). I told them in as dramatic way I could, all 5 chapters of this week's portion! Students were asking a lot of questions about all different subjects, so we began some research about different topics connected with this parashah. For instance, who were the "foremen" of the Hebrews? Why did Pharaoh act the way he did? Why is Dinah never mentioned with Jacob's brothers? Some research is with biblical commentators and some is using books about ancient Egypt. Students will continue with this after break and then write about what they have found out. We also played a very lively game of Parashah Kahoot.


December 23 is Yom Ha’Ivrit. During this week, the students at Ezra learned about Eliezre Ben Yehuda, and his contribution to the modern Hebrew language.

This week in art the students continued to work on their Mexican sun /moon designs, adding warm and cool colors to their organic and geometric designs.


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