This Week in 5 and 6, Feb. 11

This week we are studying the countries of Germany, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.  Today, Thursday, we will discuss the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and why that was such a significant event, and I will share some photos I snapped in Berlin during a tour I took of Eastern Europe in 2015; what will be interesting is seeing that parts of the wall are still there but are now open to artists to create murals. 

Since the students will be learning about the ocean in science, they will be making a collaborative ocean scene on a bulletin board using old magazines as their medium to “color”  in their sea creatures and other sea life. We are using “trash” to create the scene to bring awareness to all the trash that is thrown in the ocean.

We would also like to congratualte Gabby Ratner, on her first Torah reading this week. You may watch Gabby here, she did a great job!


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