This Week in 5 and 6, Feb. 3

We’re finishing our study of the ancient societies of Mesopotamia with the Assyrian, Chaldean, and Persian Empires.

We are reading The Giver and students just read a challenging chapter where Jonas recalls a memory of war. We wrote reflections about our reactions to this chapter. 

In social justice/civics we used a new resource to us called It’s an unbelievable database that I would love to dig into more.

We have written the backstory of characters in the Deborah story. Interestingly, both groups chose Sisera. It’s interesting to see why they thought he was such an angry person.

This week was instrument week and we played xylophones and worked on reading treble clef notes and intervals! Our performer was Gabby on the piano and our Mimi Award winner was Aaron!

This week in art, the students continued to work on their dragon eyes. They learned a little about shading to create a 3D effect on their drawings.


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