This Week in 5 and 6, Jan. 28

This week we left South America and headed across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe in Geography.  We are now studying the Mediterranean countries of Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece, including their history and what they are like now.

Last week in language arts, we finished our novel so this week we are working on an essay about the theme. Each student picked a theme they thought was significant and they had to justify their choice with examples from the book. Some themes are: having two homes, fitting in, finding friends, war and family ties.

We are continuing parashat Yitro for another week. We are in the midst of writing plays imagining God with God’s ministering angels deciding on which commandments would be the best ones to give to the people. On the way, we learned that Jews don’t believe in Satan as a supernatural being like God. Rather, that Satan is just an angel who makes bad choices.

In music this week we applied the theory information from last week to a music relay race that helps in identifying treble and bass clef notes!

The students finished their Mexican sun/moon drawings in art. They were tasked with using warm and cool colors as well as geometric and organic shapes on their respective sides. The results were very vibrant!


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