This Week in 5 and 6, May 27

This week we started our study of southern Asia, beginning with India.  Now we are moving on to China, and I am sharing the photos I took on my visit in 2007, which was a grand experience.  On Wednesday we looked at my trek on the Great Wall in the extreme heat of July, and I conveyed how happy I was that there was a Starbucks along the way where I could have a very refreshing iced latte.


We are working on interpreting poetry using the TWIST method and we were lucky enough to get to study a poem that Matya Wygoda wrote. He is Israeli but spent a year here at Ezra. It was such a great poem!

We are continuing to read Number the Stars and The Devil’s Arithmetic.

We are continuing our Israel projects and creating 2D or 3D representations of our projects.

The students continued to work on art from their chosen country. Those who finished early worked on drawing famous or important architecture from their countries.


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