This Week in 5th and 6th, Nov. 12

This week in geography, we began to wrap up our study of modern-day Canada; next week we will be moving south to our other neighbor, Mexico. We also discussed Veterans’ Day, and I shared some stories about my dad, Tom Murray, who served in Europe in  World War II, and was in one of the first divisions to cross the Rhine into Germany.

In grammar we learned about simple and compound sentences and the possible conjunctions that can work between compound sentences. We have just started writing stories about going to an imaginary  new land and what that must feel like. This is parallel to the protagonist from our class read who moves from Syria to the US.

In Judaics, we discussed how archeology can help us interpret the Torah text. Ask your student about ziggurats!

In music we worked with Treble Clef Notes today and used bells to work on our reading of those Treble Clef notes! We also had a Brazilian instrument, called the berimbau, brought in by Eleanor Ruth to show to the class!


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