7th and 8th Grade

Thanksgiving Week in 7 and 8

The 7th grade pre-algebra class is finishing work on their scale drawings, and beginning rate conversions through dimensional analysis.

The 8th graders finished their transformation project, and are working on finding the area of composite 2-D figures.

In Judaics, we looked at a co…

This Week in 7 and 8, 11-19

In American history students are preparing to write a test essay on the point of view of colonists as the decision to declare independence approaches. They must know both the Patriots’ and the Loyalists’ perspectives in this vitally important matter.


Students are now about halfway t…

This week in 7 and 8, Nov. 12

In history we are studying the events that preceded our decision to declare independence from England, including the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party; today we are going to compare what happened outside Faneuil Hall in 1770 with what happened 200 years later at Kent State in 1970.

This week in 7 and 8

This week in language arts, we have been watching the wonderful film version of The Crucible, which truly brings to life the story of the Salem Witch Hunt and the terrible toll it took on innocent people. Arthur Miller said at  the time the movie was released that he was very pleased with i…

This Week in 7th and 8th

Inspired by Moby Dick and Captain Hook, 7th and 8th grade students are designing either a prosthetic leg or hand as the culminating activity for our unit on bones, muscles and skin. We were able to get some movement of Avi captured on film!


This week we focused on the seeds of democrac…