Grades 7-8: Week of 2/5/24

In Social Studies, students continued their study of the rise of fascism in Germany in the 1930’s and the tragic effects on European Jewry.  Discussions about using skills and talent for good as well as healthy questions about tactics used to silence people were beneficial for the whole class.

Students in Science had a shocking experience with electrostatic force in class. Ask them how they managed to repel the pith ball after “charging the plate.”

In Civics, we used our studies in history to ask the question: is violence ever justified against other people? The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and other rebellions during the Holocaust were case studies, but not determinative, in answering this nuanced issue. Students voiced their views and were asked to defend their opinions using fact and reason.

In Art, the students took a break from their landscape paintings this week to learn about Carnevale and the importance of Venetian masks. They then began to create their own designs for their own masks.

This week in Music we learned about Orchestras and worked on conducting in 4/4 time.We had a dance performance from Eleanor & Toyba, and our Mimi Award Winner was Miriam! 


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