This Week in 7 and 8, 11-19

In American history students are preparing to write a test essay on the point of view of colonists as the decision to declare independence approaches. They must know both the Patriots’ and the Loyalists’ perspectives in this vitally important matter.


Students are now about halfway through Johnny Tremain and reading about the fictional Johnny’s participation in the Boston Tea Party.  On Friday we will see an excerpt from the Disney series that I watched (and loved) in 1957 and examine it for its historical accuracy. Here is a link:


We are reading Jonah with a literary lens in Judaics class. Our discussions were very lively. One was, “if Jonah ran away from God, what can we assume he believes?”


(Pre-Algebra 7)- We are working through solving proportion problems, and started a scale factor drawing project.

(Pre-Algebra 8) - We finished up work finding missing angles lines and triangles, and began a transformation graphing drawing project

(Algebra 1 Course 2, 7&8) - We are finishing unit about exponential function where they were calculating investments with compounded interest.

(Algebra 1 Course 1, 7) - Started to investigate the linear function.



This week we played Orchestra Instrument Bingo in music(identifying instruments in the 4 sections of an orchestra) and worked on vocal technique and music for the Chanukah Production. We also had a fun improv electric guitar performance by Joel.



In civics, students began sharing their Sovereign State presentations! They worked in groups to create their own countries complete with origin stories, governmental systems as well as maps and charts.


The 7th grade students listened to the Israeli song Shirat Hastiker and made their own bumper stickers for Hebrew class this week. The 8th graders read an article about self portrait and created their own.



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