This Week in 7 and 8, April 8

Our seventh grade has had an immersive and jam-packed experience in Washington, D.C., with our other alliance partners. Student learning this year has focused on American government as well as themes of citizenship and activism in our Jewish tradition. Our students met with nonprofit organizations, lobbyists, government leaders and with Ezra Alum, Ari Kaufman Frankel (Class of 2013), on the steps of the Capitol. They also got to tour the city and its impressive museums and monuments. Our students also had the opportunity to share their work and proposals for different types of change with representatives and staff on Capitol Hill. A huge thank you to Morah Shira Rosenblatt and Madeleine Cahn (Ezra Class of 2013) for their leadership on this trip!

Since the 7th graders were away this week, the 8th graders tried their hand at origami during art - it was challenging!


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