This Week in 7 and 8, Nov. 11

In Jewish History, students learned about the events after the destruction of the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem and the changes that were made to ensure Judaism’s survival. Students also discussed how this connects to ways that we can strengthen and maintain our Jewish identities today.

In Judaics, we began our study of Talmud from Eruvin 13b.

7th grade math are working with rational numbers this week, and in geometry, we are finishing the unit about parallel and perpendicular lines. Our Algebra 1 students are learning abour radical expressions.

We have game day this week in music that works on Bass & Treble Clef Notes. We had a piano performance by Eli and our Mimi Award Winner was Avi!

We made graphs about our survey and discussed issues connected with the election in Civics class.

The students finished their heart paintings in the style of Jim Dine during art this week.



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