This Week in 7 and 8, Sept. 16

Students were introduced to six different lenses for studying history and worked in small groups to teach their classmates about the lenses and their functions in creative ways. We had a chance to view skits, posters, songs and more!

This week in pre-algebra, we are discovering where mathematical expressions come from, why it is useful to model and express things using numbers and letters, and underscoring the differences and similarities between expressions and equations.

In Algebra I part 2, students are identifying monomials and practicing the multiplication rules of exponents.

This week we did an introduction into music class and talked about how music affected our summers! Our first Mimi Award Winner of the year is Toyba!

The 7/8 graders started the year in art creating graffiti drawings of their name, nickname or another word significant to them. We will continue to work on them next week.



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