This Week in 7 and 8, Sept. 30

Our 7th and 8th grade class created Tashlich ceremonies for each of the younger classes in school. Students were paired up and led their designated class through the ceremony. It was fabulous to see how our students created specific ceremony plans based on the ages of the younger students!

After completing learning of the Chanukah story in its historical context, students learned small excerpts from the Book of Maccabees which focused on the different Jewish responses to Syrian-Greek rule. Students are creating original artwork and designs to highlight the comparisons between the different attitudes towards Hellenization.

In Algebra I part 2, we’re learning about rational exponents this week.

This week in music, we dove into the depths of rhythm notes. We went very mathematical and broke rhythm notes down into fractions, all the way to dotted thirty-second notes. You’ll have to ask them what fraction of a beat that would be! Our performer was Shai on the djembe and our Award Winners were Yadid & Nattaf for their mathematical and musical enthusiasm!


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