If Everyone is Jewish - How is Ezra Diverse?


Yes, we are all Jews, connected by our common heritage. At the same time, Ezra Academy is also committed to diversity and inclusion, strengthened by engaging with difference.


We prioritize and seek out diversity across religious perspectives, ethnicities, family structures, and socio-economic circumstances.  We welcome Jewish families who identify as Conservative, Israeli, Modern Orthodox, Reconstructionist, Reform, Renewal, Secular, or Unaffiliated. The Ezra family includes many Jews by choice and their non-Jewish relatives, as well as a number of non-Jewish parents raising Jewish children. LGBT families are an integral part of our community.


Diversity at Ezra extends beyond the Jewish world. For example, our World History and Comparative Religion curriculum enriches our students intellectually and morally, instilling an understanding of different cultures and beliefs.  Our new Social Justice curriculum is a pioneering program which, among many other highlights, brings our 6th grade on a Southern trip exploring civil rights landmarks. In these and many other ways, Ezra prepares our students to move through the world as talented problem solvers and willing teammates who respect and engage with the viewpoints and priorities of others.