Why Jewish Day School?


Some parents are looking for a Jewish day school, while others research all kinds of schools for their children. We believe an Ezra Academy education fits all children. The ancient Jewish traditions of intensive, collaborative text study and critical thinking are beautifully suited to our modern age. Ezra Academy’s expert teachers adapt these approaches to different grade levels and subject areas.


Ezra offers a dual curriculum that blends and weaves Judaism into all academic and creative endeavors. Judaism is present not only in students’ Hebrew and Judaica classes but is often introduced into other subject areas. For example, in science class, students might discuss the Jewish principle of taking care of the earth, while in history class students learn about Jewish history as well as American and world history.


With this cross-disciplinary approach, Judaism enriches all aspects of learning. And this curriculum is perfectly suited to children of any Jewish background. Some of our students come from religious and learned homes, while others have less knowledge or Jewish practice. Judaism teaches that all human beings are created b’tselem Elohim, in God’s image—put another way, we all have equal value, and should all have equal access to our tradition.


Our students thus receive a sound cultural foundation while accelerating learning in all academic subjects. Above all, this approach to learning promotes ethical and moral development for every child. Yes, our graduates attend the best area high schools, public, private, and Jewish, and then go on to leading colleges and universities. But what we most hope they take from Ezra are a love of learning and a commitment to heal the world.