This Week in Grades 7-8!

1st blog of the school year!

In Social Studies, students each took an aspect of the American Revolution. They created slideshows to teach the class about the Declaration of Independence, battles of the war, and other details before the Treaty of Paris.

In Language Arts, we focused specific…

This Week in Grades 5-6!

1st blog of the school year!

In the first few weeks in Language Arts, we spent time in class composing our summer book reports. We also created entertaining slideshow presentations to persuade other students to read the books. Students performed very well on their first vocab test and we ha…

This Week in Grades 3-4!

1st blog of the new school year!

In Social Studies, we started learning about lines of longitude and latitude. We discussed their importance. We also looked at climate changes based on where a country is located from the Equator. We identified three climatic zones: tropical, temperate and p…

This Week in Kochavim!

First blog of the new school year!

In Social Studies the students have learned about different communities; Urban, Suburban, and Rural. To tie this into hebrew studies, Morah Ester also talked about Kibbutz community living. A group of students will be designing and building a Kibbutz. They…

Last Week for 7 and 8!

On Monday, our students participated in Color Wars! Grades K-8 were split into the Blue Team and Red Team, and the 8th graders led activities for the youngers grades to participate in for points.

On Wednesday, we said goodbye to our 8th grade class and celebrated together at graduation!