Week of June 5-9, 2023


And just like that, our final full week of school is over! It's so hard to believe we are already there and yet, it is also amazing to see how far all of these children have come since their first days at Ezra. 

This week we have been not only continuing our work with the ocean th…

This Week in 7 and 8, 6/9

This week in Algebra I part 2, the students took a final exam, investigated ellipses, and tried out linear and quadratic regression on graphing calculators.

This week we had our music party! We had snacks, and everyone presented their original chord chart songs. I was very impressed with th…

This Week in Grade 6, 6/9

This week, students wrote their Greek heroes essays, made a list of Greek and Latin prefixes, and learned about Athenian democracy.

This week in music, we worked on finishing our Ukulele songs and Aaron performed a magic trick!

This week in art the students continued to work on their Gree…

This Week in 3 and 4, 6/9

This week we had our music party! Everyone performed their group songs/raps with instrumental accompaniments, they were so much fun! We had snacks, danced, and I awarded the “Mimi Champion” certificate! This year our champions were Cora & Valerie, with second place winners being Sasha, A…

This Week in Kochavim, 6/9

This week in art the students finished painting their butterflies. They then created a scene/background for them, cut them out, and glued them on in a way to show them flying.


On Thursday, the class went on a field trip to Sturbridge Village!


This week we had our music party! We h…