6th grade getting ready for Alabama

We are excited about our upcoming trip to Alabama as part of our Social Justice curriculum! Ezra is working in an alliance with four other schools across the country (with the very original name of “The Alliance”). The schools are N.E. Miles Jewish Day School in Birmingham, AL., Hillel Day School in Rochester, NY, Friedel Jewish Academy in Omaha, NE, and B’nai Shalom in Greensboro, NC. Sixth graders meet and work together on the same history and novel, The Lions of Little Rock. We can't wait to meet in Alabama on March 31! In seventh grade, the students will continue working on social justice but add the aspect of advocacy into the program. They will meet for a week-long program in Washington, DC. For the culminating year in eighth grade, the students will work on social justice and innovation in Israel. The students are enthusiastic and engaged  in our distance learning and collaborative techniques with students around the country.

During the sixth grade year we are focusing on the history of civil rights and African American history. Morah Marcy’s units have focused on the historical time period of America’s civil rights movement, non-violence, facing resistance, and victories.  Rabbi Amanda is teaching the novel, giving its historical context and connecting it to Jewish texts about social justice. Morah Marcy and Rabbi Amanda are loving the opportunity to create new curricular pieces and work together to enrich our students. Rabbi Amanda is unable to join us this year in Alabama but Dr. Waynik is excited to join Ben, Talia, Alexandra, Leo, Todd, Na'ama, Ari, Xander, and Lia on this exciting trip. We consider learning about these subjects as a moral imperative so that our students will become knowledgable, active American citizens.

Morah Marcy, Rabbi Amanda, and Dr. Waynik


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