Day 2

Today was an early start. We woke up at 6:30 to do tefillah! Tefillah is actually not that bad. We all sing together and we mostly know the same tunes. It's been lovely doing tefillah outside.


Once we got onto the bus, the music started up and we danced and danced. It was quite the scene. (The video recording is courtesy of Karyn!) I am too tired to look at it so if we look ridiculous, it was!!



Then we explored the history of Tel Aviv. We used a “tour on a tablet” and in groups learned about the different buildings and their history. We also visited the memorial for Yitzchak Rabin. We did an interesting activity and interviewed people over 35 about where they were when Rabin was shot. We also talked about some of the conspiracy theories surrounding his assassination.



We then went to a museum about the startups and innovations in Israel, and we recognized some that we had already learned about with the emissaries, such as the Pillcam and drip irrigation. The coolest invention -well there were so many - but maybe it was the simplest- making fresh, clean water out of air! Han finally got her Aroma (coffee).



After lunch we went to an arts and crafts market in Nachalat Binyamin and hung out a bunch. Everyone enjoyed looking at some cool looking art, and Mrs. Ravski finally bought (another) new tablecloth.



Our favorite part of the day was our time at Mezizim, a Tel Aviv beach. It was warm but not hot and so the water was cold (although not as cold as in CT). We chilled with the kids from the other schools and played football etc. Then the teachers got really excited because they recognized an actor that no one else knew (from This is Us).


We returned to the kibbutz for a Yom Hazikaron ceremony, which we talked about afterwards. It was a little long and all in Hebrew but it was also meaningful. Afterwards, Mrs. Ravski talked about the teacher from Ezra who was killed in Jerusalem in 1995, Joan Davenny. She told them that she was the driving force behind creating this program. Her passion for students and Israel culminated in this experience. Her legacy continues.


Finally, we packed our bags for Jerusalem…


Laylah tov,


Sarah, Reuben, Marcia


We did want to add that your child/ren have been totally amazing and are having a fabulous time. Don't worry, they are listening, learning and yes, even putting hats and sunscreen on. They are bonding really well with the other students and the staff are all getting along as well. We are off to a fantastic start!


Rabbi Amanda & Mrs. Ravski



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