Day 5 of the 7th Grade DC Trip

Tonight's blog will be very short. Ms. Murray and I have to wake up at 5 so we can be sure to leave the hotel by 6. Sleep is needed! We still need to check that everyone has packed.

This morning we used our VIP tickets to go to the Holocaust Museum. Ask your child/ren about it. We were there for a long time.

This afternoon, we found a free bus that let us get on and off and we saw all the memorials we didn't see before. It was a glorious day and wonderful to see the incredible closeness the students have with each other.

Enjoy the photos! I am sure you will have fun listening to the students' stories looking at these photos. They will help to jog their memories, after they sleep (of course).

Ms. Murray, Mrs. Ravski and I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with your children. They are an amazing bunch. We are very proud of the way they represented themselves, our group and the school. 

See you tomorrow!

Rabbi Amanda




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