Day 7-digging in the dirt

Israel Blog Day #7

Today was mostly a travel day; we spent around four hours on the bus. It was actually relaxing, seeing as we’ve had about six hours of sleep a night for the past week. That being said, we still got to do exciting things today, which proves there really is no rest on the Israel trip. It started off with tefillah, where from the outside it appeared that we were praying to a statue. Fear not; it was only because there was a statue right in our line of sight of the Western Wall. Oops. We quickly repositioned ourselves.

From there we went to Yad LaKashish, which means a lifeline for the old. It’s a group of art workshops for the elderly. They think of it as a job, because for five days a week they make beautiful pieces of art that are sold in the gift shop. However, our guide explained that for the people who work, this it is not about making money (the organization is non-profit), but rather about giving them something to do throughout the day.

After Yad LaKashish we went to dig for a day, where we participated in an actual archeological dig. Most of us went in with the expectation of digging up many rocks, maybe a few shards of pottery, and nothing archeologically intact. However, the excavation surpassed our cynical expectations when we found two museum-quality artifacts. Reuben and Sarah helped one of the actual archeologists to dig up a perfume bottle, and Hannah found an oil lamp. Everything we found was from the time of the Maccabees. We also got to take some pottery shards that they couldn’t put back together.


Next came lunch, and, to our surprise, the teachers ordered pizza and bought us ice cream.  After which, we went to the Salad Trail, which is on a moshav in the Negev. We learned that they don’t actually ship food out to markets and restaurants, and their farm exists to show tourists what a lot of the other moshavs are like on a smaller scale. We got to eat a lot of good food and walk around the farm. 

Apologies if this blog is long, but I wrote it on one of our hour-long bus rides.

- Sarah (Edited by Reuben because I can’t grammar!)


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