Grades 3-4: Week of 12/11/23

This week, grades 3-4 worked on creating menorahs. They had to design it and build a 3D model.

Due to Chanukah production rehearsals, we had limited time to progress in Hebrew. We started to learn the Infinitive form of some of the basic verbs that we learned before, and we will continue with that next week. In Judaics, we learned about Parshat Mikeitz, the continuation of Joseph’s story, and we will continue with his story next week as well. During the week, we had a good time rehearsing for the production, and we hope you all loved it!

For Music, we had the Chanukah production this week and used our class time to reflect on the show – thinking through constructive feedback and giving lots of compliments! We also worked on Treble Clef notes using a fun game. Our performers were Will, Yair, Gilad, Hallel, and Ella! Our Mimi Award winners were Yair, Riley, and Jonathan!


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