Grades 3-4: Week of 1/22/24

For the past couple of weeks, the Grade 3-4 class has been working on a map project for Social Studies where they had to create their own country and include elements of the type of map chosen. Ask your child about his/her map.

This week in art the students learned about wax resist, silhouettes, and symmetry while creating a winter wonderland silhouette using cool colors.

In music we went over the music tests and then worked with bells! We played scales and worked on reading beginner treble clef songs. Our performers were Yair on the acoustic guitar, Tamar on the electric guitar, and Rebecca on the drums. Our Mimi Award winner was Gilad!

This week in Hebrew, we finished our Infinitive exam by creating sentences with the words. It was a fun way to check our knowledge. We also practiced some new words in our book and workbook from the “Chaverim'' program. In Judaics, we learned Parshat Beshalach, and did some fun activities while learning words related to Tu B’shvat.


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