Grades 5-6: Week of 10/16/23

In Language Arts, students completed ‘alternate endings’ to our first short story, “Bradbury’s All Summer in a Day.” We worked through Unit 3 of vocab, with a test on Friday, and also shared our second short story, “The Ransom of Red Chief,” while stopping to discuss as we read together.

In Judaics, we spent a lot of time this week working on parashat ha-shavua. Students presented the questions that they found interesting. Students wrote plays, posters, debates, and a min-craft depiction of the Tower of Babel. It was a lively week.

In Geo-History, students completed the full set of U.S. states in a master-document, and began discussing them in class while (hopefully) memorizing the 50 states and capitals. We also moved along to our South America unit in the textbook.


In Math, 5th graders reviewed the following:

1. Place value up to a billion.

2. Factors and GCF (greatest common factor)

3. Multiples and LCM (lowest common multiple)

4. Prime Factorization, including the use of exponents to show a number as a product of its prime factors.

5. Multiplying, and dividing  by 10, 100, 1000.

6th graders worked on word problems involving fractions.
This week in Art, the students continued to work on their color wheels by mixing their own secondary and tertiary (intermediate) colors. Ask them what those colors are.
This week in Music, we had a game day with Time Signatures! They worked together to add rhythms and determine which Time Signature was being used, as well as worked on identifying unusual Time Signatures by listening to selected songs. We got a vocal performance from Cora & Sasha. Our Mimi Award Winner was Yahav!


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