Grades 5-6: Week of 10/30/23

In Language Arts, students read an Asimov short story (‘Nobody Here But -’) about (what we today would call) A.I., and what constitutes free choice and agency. Students discussed foreshadowing in the story. In addition, a new set of vocabulary was introduced.

In Judaics, we started our second mishnah, which is about putting a sukkah somewhere where there is a roof above it. We also worked a lot on the parashah, Lech Lecha. The students came up with excellent questions, as mentioned in Ha-Shavua. Raphael read Torah for the first time. In addition, the 8th grade students are leading tefillah completely autonomously. I am very proud of them. Here’s a shout out to Toyba for organizing who is doing what, and to Eleanor for being gabbai rishon.

In Geo-History, students are inquiring about basic economics and how prices are set, what monopolies are, and how an economy (may) determine salaries and other changing variables. I am tracking student note-taking and modeling the notes on the board.

This week in Art, the students created designs for Ezra apparel. They brainstormed about important elements that could be included to represent the Ezra motto “Challenging Minds, Nurturing Hearts.”

This week was history week in Music, and we finished up learning about the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the musical instruments, traditions, and genres connected to this country. We had Leah and Ayelet perform on guitars, and Ofek perform on the drums. Our mimi award winner was Anna!


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