Grades 5-6: Week of 12/18/23

In Science, the last part of the ecological pyramid belongs to the decomposers. Students appreciated the decomposing talent of yeast acting on sugar: the CO2 emissions of the yeast in action inflated Ezra green balloons, and the science classroom smells like a bakery.

In Language Arts, students recapped all of the lessons of the year: from their/they’re/there to tricky words to a worksheet on homophones, students realized how much we have covered. We also had our trial for the short story “Lambs to the Slaughter” in class! Verdict: NOT GUILTY!

In Geo-History, students completed their European country profile slideshows and fact-sheets for display. The study of Europe, including some history and cultural discussions, will continue in January as students present their slides to the class.

This week in Art, the students learned about Mexican sun/moon Folkart and the meaning behind these symbols. They also learned about geometric shapes and lines vs organic ones. They then started to create their own sun/moon drawing.

This week in Music, we learned about different genres of music and how to identify them through different musical characteristics in songs! Our Mimi Award winner was Ari, and our performers were Eli, Ari, and Zevi!


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