Grades 5-6: Week of 1/22/24

In language arts we continue reading The Giver and have connected our vocabulary lists from vocabulary from the chapters we are reading. We continue to study grammar. 

In Judaics our parashah work has really revved up! Our questions are becoming more sophisticated. For instance, why does Moshe mention God giving the people meat when that wasn’t what God had just said? Moshe does not seem to be repeating God’s words exactly as they were spoken. For Tu Bishvat, we learned about the seven species and then made soup (mushroom barley). Three groups then made cookies. Each group chose which species to use in their cookies. The class was terrific, collaborating really well and cleaning up like pros. It was a lovely day. We ate our food on Friday at lunch. 

In Geo-History students completed their Euro-nation projects, and now we are applying that knowledge in group work on major events in European history.  Topics include the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the French and Russian Revolutions, among other events. Students will eventually present these to their peers. 

This week in art the students continued to work on their Mexican sun/ moon projects. Most have started to add the warm and cool colors respectively.

In music we went over the music tests and then dove into bells! We used them to work on treble clef note reading, scales, and understanding the basics of intervals & chords. We also got a performance from Anna on the electric guitar and our Mimi Award winner was Ben! 


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