Grades 5-6: Week of 1/29/24

Science students are meeting up with Darwin and his Theory of Natural Selection by investigating bird beak adaptations. So many islands in the Galapagos and so many different kinds of finch. Ask your student about specialization and how it assists survival.

In language arts, the narrative in The Giver has heated up. We are enjoying this dystopia, or is it a utopia?

In Judaics, parashat Ha-shavua this week is from parashat Yitro. One question that students asked is, “Why is a non-Israelite the name of the parashah?” Another, “What took Moshe so long up the mountain?”

Students in geo-history completed their deep dive projects on ‘major events’ of European history. These include Renaissance art through the end of the Cold War. These projects will be shared in chronological order over several days with graphic organizers and discussion, starting Monday.

This week in art the students continued to work on their Mexican sun/moon projects.

This week in music they learned about orchestral instruments! 


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