Grades 5-6: Week of 1/8/24

In Science Class, students learned that humans are not the apex predator in the trophic pyramid. Ask them what is.

In Language Arts, students continued reading their shared novel The Giver and are learning vocab in context. They are analyzing and posing questions about the text.

In Judaics, we learned parashat vaera. Lots of questions came up about God hardening Pharaoh's heart.

Students in Geo-History presented their countries in Europe in slideshow format to their peers. Feedback was given by students, and we are piecing together this diverse and fascinating continent. 

5th grade math students continued to work with fractions. We started to learn and apply multiplication with fractions.

This week in Math, 6th graders started a geometry unit about the area of different quadrilaterals.

This week in Art, the students continued to work on their Mexican sun/moon project, focusing on different linetypes, patterns, and warm vs cool colors.

This week in Music was a study week for the upcoming music test that the students have next Thursday. Our Mimi Award Winners were Zevi and Anna!


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