Grades 7-8: Week of 1/22/24

In social studies class students took an open-note assessment on WWI and the 1920s. We have spent time talking about Prohibition, the pandemic of 1918, women’s rights, organized crime, and the stock boom of the “Roaring ’20s.” We are moving on to the Great Depression, and we will double back to discuss the Balfour Declaration in the coming days.

In language arts we are continuing our study of Animal Farm. Along with our reading, we are discussing the use of propaganda, dictatorships, and other salient topics.

In civics class students applied their learning in history class, specifically the New Deal, and we discussed social security as a system and the challenges and decisions that have to be made to keep the systems in place.

For Tu Bishvat, we learned about the seven species, and then Amalya made seven-species muffins with the 7th graders. They smelled delicious. On Friday, the 8th graders made seven-species pasta salad. We also learned about Eli Cohen. Please ask your students how it is possible that Eli Cohen contributed to the winning of the Six Day War, even though he was not alive at that point.

This week in art the students continued to work on their landscape paintings.

In music we started with a dance performance from Gabby and Lital. We then went over their music tests, then got to work on scales and intervals with bells. Our Mimi Award Winner was Miriam!


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