Music class:
Sing along with Morah Dawn as she teaches the 'Imagine' song, with new movements.
Watch Morah Haley read 'The Grouchy Ladybug' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0e4-I6l2Bgo

The Grouchy Ladybug Art Project:

After watching Morah Haley’s video reading 'The Grouchy Ladybug' by Eric Carle, your child can make their own ladybug (maybe a little less grouchy!). Using an empty egg carton, cut out one or more individual sections (one per ladybug). Flip the piece(s) over to make the body of the ladybug, paint or color it red. A spot for the face can be painted or colored black as well. Have your child cut out two red semicircles to use as wings and have your child color black spots on them. Children can glue the wings onto the ladybug. Lastly, either using googly eyes or paper, give eyes to the ladybug. Make one or more egg carton ladybugs to celebrate Spring!   
See if you have an apple (or an orange) at home. Show your child the apple and tell them we call this a 'whole' apple.  Cut the apple in half.  Tell your child we call this 'half' an apple.  Ask your child what the other piece is called.  Show how you can hold the two halves together and what do you get? A whole apple.  Now, take one half and cut it in half again. Take one 1/4 piece and tell your child 'this is a quarter' piece of apple.  Now hold the two 1/4's together and ask your child what that makes.  A half.  Put everything together and make a 'whole apple' again.  Let the apple fall apart, and play a game asking your child what the pieces are called. 
Extension: Have your child draw 3 apples, color them and cut them out (help as needed).  Leave one apple whole.  Cut the second apple in half.  Cut the third apple into quarters. Let your child play with the pieces, making the whole apple, like a puzzle.  Extension: Cut all the apples into quarters, draw a big bowl and glue all the quarters onto the bowl. 
Extension: Slice the real apple into pieces, sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy a yummy snack.  (Or chop them even smaller, add cinnamon and a little grape juice and enjoy some charoset!)
Take 6 pieces of paper.  On each piece write a sound (a, e, p, o, m, l) Choose any 6 sounds.  If your child knows all the sounds, choose six phonograms (ee, oo, sh, ch, ow, ai). If your child is reading, write a word on each paper instead of a sound; either a 3-letter word (mop, cat, hat, dog, log, rat) or 6 sight words (the, what, why, my, I, he).  Place the six pieces of paper around the room.  Give your child directions, like: 'hop to 'e' then creep to 'p' bear walk on hands and feet to 'o' crab walk to 'm'... If your child needs more incentive, perhaps put a choc chip / cookie on one or all of the sounds, which she can eat once she gets there.  Or a favorite book on the letter that you call out last, which you can read to her once she arrives there. 
That's the program for today, hope you enjoy!


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