Montessori Preschool Blog

September 16-20, 2019

New addition to our calendar:
Monday, October 7 we have a firefighter visit our preschool.  If your child does not usually come to school a Monday, and you would like them to be there, please talk to your teachers to make a plan.  Friday, November 10  Irvin Simon Photographers wil…

Montessori Preschool, Sep 9-13

The weather has been beautiful his week and outdoor time has been fun.  The children are playing ball games; catch, basketball and 'volleyball,' riding bikes and concocting all sorts of sand treats. Indoors we are busy from the moment the doors open. We present lessons to the childr…

Montessori Preschool, Aug 27-30

Hello from Ezra Academy Montessori Preschool!

Welcome back and welcome to new families.  The first week at school is the art of getting to know one another, the routine, expectations, what goes where and who's who.  We have two classrooms and will be referring to them as 'Garinim' (se…