Montessori Blog

December 4-8, 2023


The Garinim children have been actively preparing for Chanukah! We have been working diligently on our Chanukiyot! We shaped and painted them and Morah Elaine sprayed them with a clear shellac. In the Art center we have had the opportunity to glue different shapes to decorate a sevi…

November 27-December 1, 2023


The children were so happy to be back at school and back to their routine! They all sang and participated with our first morning gathering and were very excited to see their friends!

In the sensory bin there are mini blue stones, along with spoons for scooping and adding to metal f…

November 13-17, 2023


We are off to an amazing week! In our language area of our classroom we set up a nature center. The children are able to assemble their own autumn decorations in a large planter box. They are being very creative using different items we found outside, and items we have in the class…

November 6-10, 2023


This week we have extended our study of autumn. We have new crafts on our Art shelves, corresponding with the autumn theme of what animals we have seen? The children observed squirrels in search of nuts, and hedgehogs looking for caterpillars and any other tasty bugs! The children …

October 30-November 3, 2023


The theme this week was all about leaves. The leaves falling off the trees, different types of nuts we find on the ground and cold weather vegetables such as pumpkins. We discussed how the leaves/alim changed colors from green/yarok to red/adom, yellow/tsahov and orange/katom. The …