AT HOME LEARNING: April 23, 2020

Good Morning!
Morah Dawn adds to the Warm Up song
Nicole reads The Very Busy Spider, by Eric Carle
Spider Art Activity:
One paper plate
Hole puncher
Yarn, ribbon, or string
Pipe cleaners (or paper/ cut up cereal box if you don't have pipe cleaners)
Have your child use the hole puncher to punch holes around the perimeter of the paper plate (or help them to make the holes if it is too hard for them to use the puncher).
Next, have your child use the yarn, ribbon or string to weave through each hole to create their own spider web design.
Finally, use the pipe cleaners to make a spider to sit on your ”web”! 
See photo below for ideas!


Today we are doing the sound 'f'. Have your child think of words that begin with the sound 'f'.  Fan, finger, fun, family, foot, flower, fish, feather, food, flag, ... Write the words on a piece of paper, or have your child write the words on the paper, or draw a picture for each word.  Then fold the paper like a fan: starting at one end, fold over a half inch, flip the page over and make another fold (press down at the fold) continue flipping the paper and folding until the entire paper is folded.  Fold over one end of your 'f fan'and fan yourself to keep cool.  
Cut up little pieces of paper.  On each piece write a number from 1-20, or whatever numbers your child recognizes, and then add one new number - telling your child 'this is number X' 
Fold the papers and put in a bowl. Ask your child to close his eyes while you take one of the papers, open and read the number and then get that number of colored pencils/Lego's/beans/coins (whatever you choose to play with). Then the adult closes her eyes and the child has a turn to pick up a paper and get the required number of items.  Continue taking turns until all the numbers quantities have been retrieved.  
Gross Motor:
Play:  Mother / Father / Adult (your name) Says:
Adult stands at one end of the room (deck, backyard) and child stands all the way at the other end. Adult calls out instructions:
Jump like a frog (Child assumes frog position and jumps towards the adult.)
Crawl like a spider (child spider/crab walks toward the adult.)
Stand like a tree (yoga tree pose)
The wind blows all the leaves off the tree! (child runs back to far wall- where they started)
Stand like a tree.
Jump like a frog.
Meow like a cat (child creeps forward on all fours)
The wind blows all the leaves off the tree! (child runs back to the starting spot.)
Crawl like a spider
Creep like a caterpillar...
Continue as long as your child is enjoying the game.  Call out some or all of these commands, or add some of your own.  Perhaps your child can call out the commands if more than one child is playing, or if the adult is in the mood to move like a spider...
Have fun.
We miss you all so much!!!


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