AT HOME LEARNING, March 18, 2020

Good morning!  Tell your child 'Yesterday was Tuesday, today is?  (Wednesday) and tomorrow is? ...'  Let's look out the window, what is the weather today? Hayom yaish b'chootz ? (today, outside there is) ...shemesh/sun or ananim/clouds. 
You may click here to see Morah Nicole's video of her cat.
Art: Now's the time to empty the recycling and take out those boxes, paper towel rolls, yoghurt containers and some tape.  Think about Morah Nicole's cat on the video (or your own pet) and 
see if you can make a box construction pet.  
Numbers: Take out those Legos and make a pile of 5 red Lego's, 2 blue Lego's and 7 yellow Lego's. Write a 5 on a piece of paper, a 2 on another paper and a 7 on the third paper. Place the papers face down.  Have your child choose one paper, turn it over and gather that number of Lego pieces.  Continue with the other numbers.  For children that can recognize numbers 1-9 (or numbers in the teens) you may write those numbers on individual papers too.  Continue playing, taking turns.  
Sounds: Write out your child's name.  Practice writing each letter (lower case, except for the first letter) as neatly as you can.  Have your child try writing one or all of the letters in their name. For those that are comfortable writing, they may write 'My name is... and I like...'
Baking: Alphabet Pretzels - Have your child help make the letters in their name, or the first letter of their name and/or the first letter of the name of others in the family. (See recipe attached) Or you can use playdough to make the letters.
Gross Motor: Play 'Mother May I?' (See instructions attached, if needed)
From Morah Lana, Morah Nicole, Morah Sheryl, Morah Marisol and Morah Haley


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