December 1-4, 2020

This week we began talking about Chanukah. The children created Star of David decoupage and a Star of David hanging decoration with tissue paper, glue and beads. We have also been busy painting dreidels and making our very own chanukiah’s out of clay! 

We learned a new song:
“I have a little dreidel, I made it out of clay.
When it’s dry and ready, oh dreidel I will play!”

We practiced singing it very fast, and soft and quietly.

We “tossed snowballs”, by using special “mitten tongs” to grab cotton balls, our “snowballs”, and practiced moving them around an ice cube tray. The children loved this fine motor activity.

We practiced counting the candles needed for Chanukah and learned that the “helper candle” is the tallest, and called the Shamash. We also created a chanukiah collage with miniature paper chanukiahs and counted the candles in each one. We practiced in English and Hebrew and the children are consistent with getting to the number ten.
We are so happy to be back.  Congratulations to the Light family with their new baby girl.  Mazel Tov!!! All the children were busy bees this week.  We demonstrated many new activities in the classroom. The Practical life area had new water work activities, including a fun basting water work which the children really enjoyed.  There were Hanukkah activities like a wooden Menorah to practice 'lighting' the candles and dreidel spinning games.  We added silver polishing with items for them to polish.  In the Sensorial area,  there were two Montessori materials shown.... the PINK TOWER and the TRIANGLE BOX.   These works are classic Montessori materials that were demonstrated.   The sound of the week was "V".  The alphatale book that was read was Vera Viper's Valentine.  
This week, we covered Vayishlach. We focused on the gifts of animals that Jacob sent to Esau in waves hoping to make a good impression. We talked about forgiveness and how important that is. The children learned that Jacob’s name changed to Israel after he wrestled with an angel. We are learning about Chanukah and enjoying the songs associated with the season. This week we continue to focus on the letter dalet. 
Channukah is a time of light and joy.  We spoke about a channukiah (9 branched candelabra, representing the miracle of the tiny drop of oil lasting for 8 days, just in time for the pressed olive oil to be ready for use to light the eternal flame in a temple / synagogue) vs. a menorah (traditional candelabra with 7 branches).  We retold the story of the holiday and are learning songs; 
(Suv, suv, suvganiot) x3
and jelly in my belly
(Sugar, sugar, sugar on top) x3
and jelly in my belly :)
The dreidl game was introduced, and most children remembered the rules (though did need some reminders about the requirement of parting with 2 pennies into the 'pot' when the dreidl lands on  ש shin! 
Keshet / Kindergarten
We started discussing Physical Science this week. Science is all around us like Daylight and Night Light.  Where light comes from? What makes a shadow?  Light inside and out.  Why do shadows change? We took pictures of their shadows and the children really enjoyed doing that.   We discussed Solid, Liquids and Gases. Solids don't change shape easily.  They have to be pushed or pulled, heated or cooled.  Liquids can flow and take the shape of the container they are in.  Gases have no shape.  They spread out to fill the space they are in.  We did a liquid experiment and the kids really enjoyed that.  
We continue to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the children clearly enjoyed acting out the scene last week and wanted to do so again this Thursday! They then drew and journalled, and if you wonder why their illustration is all brown, imagine a palace made entirely out of chocolate! Questions and answers illustrate comprehension - and it's interesting to see what pieces of information they retain from previous weeks.  
In Math we play games, often related to the theme, this week we built channukiot (menorah's) and the number stories related to numbers of candles added or taken away.  We played 'bakery' and sold (paper) suvganiot (doughnuts) using pennies, nickels and dimes.  The two shopkeepers / bakers invited the 'buyers' into their bakery and helped count out pennies and nickels, exchanging dimes for pennies as necessary.  What a shock when no one had enough money to purchase the last two doughnuts and had to leave them for the shopkeepers to eat :) 
See this week's pictures here:


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