December 14-18, 2020

We finished up our Chanukah theme this week! We were very busy making Star of David mobiles by gluing sparkly sequins onto pretty origami paper and then stringing it together with yarn. We also made potato latke pans with colorful construction paper, and sponge painted “latke’s” with brown paint.

We learned a new song!
“Chop, chop sigh,
Onions make me cry!
Mix, mix, stir
Hear the beater whir!
Crackle, crackle, pop
Oil’s getting hot
Sizzle, sizzle, burn
Quickly, time to turn!”

We brought in snow from outside into our sensory table and the children loved feeling how cold it was with their hands. We waited for it to melt, and talked about how it had melted into water.

Morah Sherri taught us another Chanukah yoga lesson! We learned some new poses, and spun like dreidels!
This week we continued with our normal classroom activities.   The children were busy with the Montessori materials and had fun at work.   The sound of the week was "Nn".  We read the Alphatale:The Nicest Newt.  There was a nice moral to this story about kindness. Also,  we read a classic and all time favorite:  Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.  The children loved this book because they all had to use their imaginations.  Have a wonderful winter break and see everyone in 2021.   
This week we read Sammy Spiders First Hanukkah. The children “fried” latkes in their pans. This week’s Hebrew letter is ר and the color of the week is רררד (pink/varod)
We re-enacted parashat Miketz. This was a lot of fun. We even had Joseph and Pharaoh “visit” the class. 


We lit the candles each morning and recited the brachot, sang Channukah songs and danced around.  We played the memory game; going around the circle with each person saying what they most enjoyed about the holiday and then the next person repeats what  the previous person said... and adds their piece: Morah Lana loved lighting the candles with her family, including her dog.  Henry loved opening his presents, Riley liked her new sled, Rebecca loved spending time with her family, Sasha loved the chocolate gelt, Ben loved his Monster Truck, and Ramona loved seeing her brother and playing the dreidel game.  Jakob liked lighting the candles, Maya liked eating chocolate gelt after lighting the candles, Audra loved making latkes with Mom, and Dror loved eating chocolate gelt, sufganiot and potato latkes.  Yuval loved what everyone else said!  
On Wednesday Morah Sherri treated us to a fun Channukah Yoga class - ask your child to demonstrate:)
Friday we had so much fun playing in the snow - see pictures.  
We're working on the decimal system, counting and sorting in units, 10's, 100's and 1000's  (children need only know numbers one to 10 to work with the golden bead materials).  Practicing writing letter sounds, writing numbers, discovering facts about European countries, with pictures and flags, creating words with the moveable alphabet, ...
We are doing a unit on measurement, exploring first with little colored squares and then learned that an outstretched hand, from tip of pinkie to tip of thumb is a 'span'. The children measured the table top, shelves, large puzzles, a floor mat... and recorded their findings.   The children are using their new dictionaries, finding the page by first letter, looking for the word and/or and requesting  the word to be entered, and then writing the word on their story.  
We talked about the Habitats around the world.  The children were shown examples and illustrations of different animals in their habitats.  We discussed what the basic needs are for a Habitat and what makes a habitat a home.   The children enjoyed learning about where certain animals live in areas of the world.  
See this week's pictures here


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