December 17, 2021



December is flying by!  This week started and ended in a blink of an eye.  We have been so busy getting everyone's bodies traced and painted.  The children have loved getting to lie down on the paper and have the marker move around their outline and are amazed at the outline once they get up.  They have also really enjoyed having a turn to paint the inside of their “body”.  This week at circle time we have listened to a lot of different movement songs.  The whole class has loved the Goldfish song by the Laurie Berkner Band and have been requesting it daily!  We have also enjoyed Listen and Move by Greg & Steve.  The children have done such a lovely job at pausing when the sounds stop and listening for the next movement.  This week we have had a big 30 piece floor puzzle available to work on and many of the children have delighted in putting it together.  We also had stamps and ink out which were quite popular.  The magnet blocks have continued to be quite popular and the children’s creations are really branching out.  They have also been loving their outside time.  The vehicles occupy most of the time, however they always make time for some swinging and some trips down the slide as well.  Friday brought Shabbat and of course that means challah which is highly loved in our class.  Have a wonderful restful weekend.



We continued our discussion with the Human Body.  We focused briefly on the bones and the organs of the body as a general overview. There was a fun cloth object - picture matching activity that involved organ placement. The Sound of the Week was “Nn”.  There were corresponding worksheets to go along with this new sound. We read the AlphaTale book called The Nicest Newt.  Next week we will discuss our families. 


Alim Music with Morah Dawn - We have been working on playing claves and maracas this month and how to control our volumes and rhythms. We’ve also been making and playing rhythms that they arrange with during class! 



What, it’s mid December????? So what did we spend time on this week? In Science we continued talking about the internal organs of the body.  This week we focused on the Respiratory System; the windpipe, or trachea, and how air moves from the nose, down the trachea and then separates into the left and right side - the bronchi and smaller and smaller bronchioles. The students colored and cut out the corresponding organs and glued them onto their body outline. (We traced around everyones body, and took care to cut on the lines, but the picture cutouts of the organs are a little smaller - you’ll see when we’ve covered all the organs and the body comes home! Shhh, these five year olds are listening and learning and contributing to the conversation - so their large intestine doesn’t quite reach where it should…clearly bothering only their teacher. 

We had an amazing Hashem Sheli program on Zoom - weren’t they so awesome? And so special hearing all those personal stories. “I love my name, it’s just for me.  It puts me on the family tree!” They loved wrapping the colored yarn over their cardboard initial - and took great care in getting it just right! (And then unraveling some…) Hope you enjoyed the book ‘All About Me!’ that your child worked on the past couple of weeks. 

We’re working on patterns, culminating in Thursday Number Games with the dice and stamping game: throw a dice, write the number.  Throw again, write the second number - create the pattern with rubber stamps and colored ink pads. Keeping Kindergarten fun! 


Keshet Music with Morah Dawn - We have been getting the best of both worlds in Keshet! We get some of the songs and games from when they were in Pre-School but also an introduction to some of the history, worksheets, drawings, and games that the grades above them have been working on or learning about. This week we learned about percussion instruments in an orchestra and watched some videos of percussion orchestras, as well as played maraca freeze dance!  


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