December 20-23, 2021


We had a wonderful week talking about our families!  The children all had turns at circle time telling the group who lives at their houses and who is in their family.  We discussed that different people have different families.  We also asked if any of the children have any pets as part of their families and a couple of the children said they do.  We spent time making our own pictures of our family by decorating people cutouts with markers and then gluing them onto a piece of paper.  The children then identified who was who in their family.  We learned that some children call their parents different names, mom, mommy, ma, ima, dad, daddy, aba, etc., but they are all referring to their parents.  We also learned that some friends have siblings while others do not or don’t quite yet but are expecting them soon.  

We continued on with dancing and moving to different movement songs at circle time this week, with our favorites being “Monster Boogie” by the Laurie Berkner Band and “Animal Freeze Dance” by the Kidboomers.  

We hope that Pearl and Levi have wonderful 3rd birthdays over the break and everyone has a great time hopefully spending time with their families over break.  See you all in 2022!



This week we discussed “Our Family”.  We made little houses and there was a picture placed  inside of each child’s home.  The kids decorated their houses with family members who live with them.  In Sensorial,  the classic Triangle Box was presented to the children.  This work involves showing them to put together different triangles to form one equilateral triangle.  This was fun for the children to explore.  Also, there were Knobbed Cylinders placed in the classroom.  This work primarily engages the senses of touch and sight for visual perception of dimension.  Each Cylinder block is comprised of 10 different sized cylinders that the children have to sort.  

Have a nice break and Happy New Year!!  Best wishes for 2022!!!


Alim Judaics  -  This week we followed along with the ‘Family/Mishpucha’ theme.  We learned the Hebrew words for  Mom, Dad, daughter and son - Ima, Aba, bat & ben.  We then looked at another image of grandparents and pets.  The children learned Savta, Saba, kelev and chatul.  We then enjoyed a game to remember these new Hebrew words and enjoyed a few cat and downward dog stretches. :)  

   *We learned about the Jewish value - Shalom Bayit - Peace in the Home.  We talked about different situations that can be busy, chaotic or peaceful.  We read the book, The Schmutzy Family and showed illustrations and asked the children to raise their hands if it was a peaceful moment in their home (as each family member had a job they were doing, working together) or not such a peaceful moment.  We then talked about Shalom Keetah - Peace in the classroom which is so important, working together.



This week we learned about the analogue clock and the cycle of a day. We practiced counting in fives, which is rather helpful when telling time on an analogue clock.   Each student cut out a circle and painted a beautiful watercolor  design.  Numbers were added and they are all so happy to bring home their own clock. 

We continued learning about the human body, this week we completed the Circulatory system - the blood, the heart and the blood vessels.  The children were quite intrigued that they could ‘feel their heart beat’ by feeling their pulse at their wrist. After a quick and energetic jog around the room, and some jumping jacks, we could really feel a quickened pulse. The Urinary System completed the study for us, and culminated in one child proudly announcing …’and now I have to go empty my bladder!’

We read our final chapter of Charlotte’s Web with a few tears, and the understanding that spiders' lives are short lived. Wilbur and Charlotte were best friends and Wilbur made a final beautiful decision to take Charlotte’s egg sac with him back to the barn. 


See this week’s photos here



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