December 7-11, 2020

This week we talked about Chanukah! We learned that a chunakiah is different from a menorah because it has a place for 9 candles and a menorah only has a place for 7 candles. The shamash is the “helper candle” that lights the rest.  We made marble painted dreidels, mosaic chanukiahs and 3 dimensional dreidels.

We learned a new song:
Twinkle, twinkle Chanukah lights
Shining brightly for 8 nights
The shamash stands straight and tall
Lights each candle one and all
Twinkle, twinkle Chanukah lights
Shining brightly for 8 nights

Morah Sherri also taught us a special Chanukah yoga class!

We found ice on the playground and brought it inside so we can see how it melts. We talked about how when it’s frozen it is a solid and when it melts it's a liquid. 

We learned “r”. In our “r” basket, we have a ribbon, a rhino, a ring, and a rabbit.
Happy Hanukkah!!!!!!  The children enjoyed making their wooden Menorahs for their families this week.  They painted and decorated them with love and care.  Also, there were new art mediums in the art area.  The children have been very busy working and enjoying the classroom.  We celebrated Zeva's birthday this week.  She was glowing and happy to celebrate with her classmates.  The sound of the week was "W".  We read the alphatale: Worms Wagon.   This book was very sweet and the children really enjoyed it.
What a fun week of celebrations! We have been preparing for the Festival of Lights with stories (The Chanukah Guest and What is Hanukkah?), artwork and crafts. The children have “made” latkes, traced and colored dreidels and created and painted menorahs. The children participated in filling in our calendar counting down the days to Chanukah. We also learned a new letter of the week, ה and added to our color vocabulary with חרם. In honor of Parshah Vayeshev we read a story called The Story of Joseph and His Rainbow Coat. 
'Channukah, Channukah, Chag yafeh kol kach...' Suf, suf, sufganiot...jelly in my belly!' You may be hearing these songs, and others at home - we're singing them all the time at school.  It must be Channukah!  We're playing the dreidel game, creating shimmering channukiot collages, and acting out the Channukah story, with costumes and props. The children took great pride in painting and decorating their channukiah, sorry about the glitter! 
On Thursday we celebrated Ramona's birthday, with Mom and Dad Zooming in, Happy 5th Birthday Ramona! 
We reviewed shapes - sphere, cylinder, triangle, circle, cone... and twisted ourselves into some of those shapes (!) The children enjoyed the tangrams (triangles, parallelograms, squares fitting onto outlined shapes).  With various sized boxes, we learned that as 3-dimensional shapes they are called a prism. Then walked around the classroom discovering all sorts of prisms, and cylinders and created channukiot with cylindrical foam pieces, toothpicks and a prism / their selected box.   
Static Electricity- With the discussion of Static Electricity we discussed how there are all different types of Electricity.  We talked about how we see static electricity every single day.  Static electricity is the build up of an electrical charge on the surface of an object.  Charges stay in one area for some time and don't flow or move to a different area.  We did an experiment where the children walked around with their socks on the rug and everyone had a chance to zap Morah Sandy.  Some children were more successful than others.  It was a great experiment because they had a fun time doing it.
Sound-  We learned how vibrations make sounds.  Sounds are made when materials vibrate back and forth very quickly.  We had a conversation about different pitches and how we measure sound in decimals.  We did a fun telephone experiment with cups and string.  Ask your children about it .
See this week's photo's here


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