January 18-22, 2021

This week we continued our discussion on winter weather and also touched on dental health week!
We read “The Mitten” and talked about what clothes we wear when it’s cold outside. The children came up with great answers:
Snow pants
We made tissue paper decoupage mittens. We also learned a new song in honor of dental week:
“When I wake up in the morning and it’s quarter to one, and I’m looking to have a little fun, I brush my teeth. When I wake up in the morning and it’s quarter to two, and I’m looking for something fun to do, I brush my teeth. When I wake up in the morning and it’s quarter to three and I’m singing tweedle dee dee, I brush my teeth. When I wake up in the morning and it’s quarter to four and I think I hear someone knocking at my door, I brush my teeth. When I wake up in the morning and it’s quarter to five, and I’m just starting to feel alive, I brush my teeth.”
We painted red lips on our mouth pictures and glued white cotton balls on for the teeth.
Morah Sherri did patriotic yoga on Inauguration Day and we painted flags at the easel.
This week, we found out we are finally big enough to climb the “big” play structure out on the playground!
We had a nice chat regarding our new Kindness Jar in the classroom.  We showed the children how it worked and they seemed very happy with it.  Every time a child does an out of the ordinary act of kindness a pom pom is placed in the jar.  It's going to be easy to fill because the students are wonderful little human beings.  We discussed some fun awards.  In the practical life area, there was folding towels in a laundry basket.  It is a nice life skill that the children enjoy doing.  The towels are small and they can manage folding nicely with care.  We introduced the Continent map and taught them a new Continent Song.  We will be practicing this song in the morning so the children can remember the continents of the world.   There is a paper extension for the continents.  Many children tried doing it.  The sound of the week is Jj.  We read the Alphatale book:  Jungleberry Jamboree.  Also, during our story circle we read Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard.  This is a story about being respectful.  There is a classroom of students misbehaving with their sweet teacher Miss Nelson and then she goes missing.  The classroom has a terrible substitute.  When Miss Nelson returns they are so thankful and behave much better.  It's a silly story that the children enjoyed. 
The children had a lot of fun making their own כלב (dog) using paper towel rolls that were cut in half. They named their כלב and even made barking noises as they were putting the finishing touches on them. We continued talking about the visits from Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh as we followed this week’s parshah. One child held a sign “Let My People Go!” another child held a sign that said “No!” The children were at the edge of their seats as Morah Marisol would surprise them with different props. Stuffed animal frogs, paper flies and sticker “boils” all helped to keep them entertained.


This week we learned about the dentist, our teeth, the types of teeth that make up the human mouth: incisors, canines, premolars and molars.  We looked at the parts of a tooth and talked about a visit to the dentist, taking care of our teeth with floss, toothbrush and toothpaste. Ask your child to recite the dentist poem:
When I go to the dentist to let him see my teeth
He has a special chair with a button underneath.
He presses the button in and out
And I go for a ride.
And then I open up my mouth
For him to look inside.
Wednesday we dressed in the colors of our country and watched as President Joe Biden became the 46th president, and Kamala Harris the first woman Vice President in the USA!  Morah Sherri led a USA Yoga class with marching bands and shooting stars!
We continued with the study of the clock - counting in 5's as the minute hand moved around the clock. 
Working in their new Textbook B, the children explored more/ fewer, counting little bears on a plate and showing two more, three fewer (less)... 
We read poems about friendship and then together created our own poem, called Friends Forever, with each child adding one line - now displayed on our classroom wall. 
We continued our Earth Science Unit.  Last week we discussed the Layers of the world.  This week we talked about Volcanoes and learned a lot of facts.  We made a homemade Volcano out of molding clay and then we all painted it together.  We took turns having it explode with lava, which the kids loved!!!! 
See this week's photo's here: 


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