January 18-21, 2021



We were all so excited to be back together again!  We were excited to celebrate Sadie’s 3rd birthday on Tuesday! This week we spent time talking about Winter.  We discussed that the season we are currently in is winter and that in winter it is cold.  We also talked about how it often snows in winter.  The children had fun discussing what kind of clothing they need to wear in winter (long pants, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, jackets, etc) and activities that they can do during winter (sledding, skiing, ice skating, etc).  We also introduced the sound of the week “w”.  We figured this was a good sound since it starts winter!  All the children had a chance to feel the sandpaper letter at circle time and we introduced small items that start with w.  These included, watch, whale, whistle, wheel, and wolf.  This basket of manipulatives was made available to the children to explore throughout the day along with the sandpaper letter.  Some new animal puzzles were brought in this week which were also a huge hit for this puzzle -loving group.  We were excited to be together again for Shabbat. We enjoyed saying all the blessings and enjoying challah and grape juice together again.  



This week we began our Geography unit.  We discussed LAND, AIR & WATER and there was a fun activity with sorting animals.  This lesson is for the children to understand the world around them.  This is to make sure they understand the concept.  Next week we will be discussing the globes and landforms.  There are lots of fun activities related to this subject in Geography.  In Practical Life this week, there were new skills demonstrated to the children.  There was Folding Clothes and Silver Polishing work for the children to explore. 


Alim Judaics -  This week we are talking about our ‘Winter’ season.  We learned that snow in Hebrew is ‘Sheleg’ and Snowflake is ‘petite Sheleg’. We talked about the different kinds of winter clothing we wear to keep warm and learned how to say mittens, ski cap, ear muffs and gloves in Hebrew, which coincidentally all begin with the Alef Bet letter, ‘Kaf’.  We then, enjoyed a mini lesson on the difference between the Kaf and Chaf letters, where the Kaf has the ‘dot/ or cough drop’ in the middle and tells us that this letter is a ‘hard’ ‘K’ sound, vs. the Chaf which is the softer sound without the dot in the middle.  The children enjoyed tracing our Alef-bet sensory sand-paper tiles to learn the shape of the Kaf & Chaf letters.

Alim Shabbat -  We enjoyed celebrating Shabbat with song and dance, prayers and reading a fun book called, ‘Once upon a Shabbos’ with a big brown BEAR! 



Keshet students love exploring through doing. They were excited to learn about Magnetism, the north and south poles of a magnet, and that our planet Earth is like a giant magnet with north and south poles (we talk about this in geography) and that the earth’s core is a mix of iron and nickel. Physical science continued this week with Static Electricity and the concept of friction; with the students creating their own little static electricity experiments ( spinning paper with the aid of static electricity - ask your child to demonstrate) and making a balloon stick to a wall! Ask your child to show you what happens when a static electricity balloon is held near running water. 

In math we are exploring shapes - polygons, and geometric solids. 


Keshet Yoga - We enjoyed a TuB’shevat Yoga class together celebrating the Birthday of the trees, while balancing and practicing our ‘Tree’ poses.  We learned a fun song called, ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ and enjoyed a fast paced movement activity called, ‘If I were a Tree, what a Tree I’d be’ - shaking our leaves/ Alim and branches/ Anafim.  (You can enjoy this together on Youtube-  Search Jason Mesches)

See this week's photos here  https://photos.app.goo.gl/r5rjRPSy8qwBMDEQ7



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