June 1, 2020

Good Monday Morning!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and ready for a WHALE of a WEEK of new activities! The theme this week is OCEAN.
Watch Morah Nicole's video on dolphins https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00u2vMd5Lyw
Followed by a Dolphin Art activity:
Materials needed:
2 Paper plates
Blue and green paint 
Paint brush (or can use q tips for a paint brush)
Pencil or markers
Paper fastener (office kind)or fashion a paper clip
Have your child paint one paper plate completely blue
Have your child paint the second paper plate completely green
Next, when both plates have dried,  have your child cut a wavy pattern (to resemble the ocean) halfway through the green plate (see picture above)
Have your child then use the markers to create fish or other sea creatures on the green plate.
Your child can also create stars, birds, clouds, moon or a sun on the blue plate.
I would also encourage your child to try and draw their version of a dolphin on the blue plate as well, but if that is too challenging, you can print out a picture of one and they can glue it on.
Finally, use the paper fastener to punch a hole between the two plates, so that the sky is on top and the water is on the bottom. (See above picture for image)
w is for whale. 
Monday is writing practice day.  As per previous weeks, show your child how to neatly write a w (say the sound) start at the top of the page and say as you write...' down, up, down, up.' Practice writing a big 'w' or many smaller 'w's and write between 2 ruled lines if your child is writing more comfortably. 
Extension: Think of words that begin with the sound 'w' and make a list.
Print the 'connect the numbers' pages attached and help your child connect the numbers to discover something in the ocean. First page includes numbers 1-9, the other page is 1-20. http://drive.google.com/file/d/1H_Um6cN7IX1Mrs1iIvKmBzJ7C500QoxI/view?usp=sharing
Gross Motor: 
Sharks and Minnows. This is a tag game where the minnows (fish) stand on one side and the shark tries to catch them (sharks eat fish). The shark stands in the middle of the playing area and calls out ' fishy fishy come out to play' and upon hearing this the minnows start to walk toward the shark. At any time the shark may call out 'Shark attack!' and the minnows run to the opposite side, trying not to get caught.  If the shark catches/ (gently!) tags a minnow, the minnow becomes the shark.  
Watch Morah Sheryl read Alphabet Soup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDaz943j5_Y


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