June 1-4, 2021


In continuing with our marine life/beach theme, we discussed:
A Green Heron
The Coral Reef

We played with “The Purple Beach”, (purple sand)

We created watercolor oceans at the easel, sponge painted the coral reef, made a “green heron”, created “heron prints, and made an underwater mural (leftover from our story of “Rainbow Fish”).

We learned this about the great, green Heron:
When he is frightened, he will make a “skeyew” sound. He is a crafty fisherman; he will catch an insect and then place it on top of the water to lure a fish to him!
We are still studying Sea Life.  We read a large book called The Big Book of the Blue by Yuval Zommer.  It's a beautiful book that has a lot of facts about ocean animals. They really have enjoyed it.  We have been working on our Sea life Mural.  The children have been doing lots of work within the classroom.  It's nice to see the natural buzz in the room when the children are working hard.  
The hebrew letters of the week were shin and sin which was perfect because the parashat begins with the letter ש. We reviewed שלח and talked about how perspective can be powerful. Caleb and Joshua saw potential when they visited the promised land. The other ten spies did not. Despite being the minority Caleb and Joshua didn’t waiver in their views/opinions. Being different can be hard sometimes especially if others focus on what makes you different. To help the children empathize and understand how to treat people who are not like them, I read the book Don’t Laugh at Me. It focused on how G-d loves us all especially because we are different. 
We continue with the ocean, primarily with sharks and whales; how they are alike and their differences, and shared the story  Shark Lady, by Jess Keating. A real life story of Eugenie Clark, who spent most of her life learning and discovering all there is to know about sharks.  Never let anyone tell you you can't do something!  Ask your child about the smallest shark, what gills are, sharks teeth, what baleen is... 
We continue to practice math facts, with understanding; sorting, counting, grouping.  We compared similar objects and guessed which were heavier/lighter, put them in the balance scale and recorded our findings. The children work in small groups, reading, answering questions and filling in worksheets.  
In Kindergarten Science we continue to talk about Sea life this week and the focus is on Seals.  We read some stories about seals and learned some cool facts about their lives in the wild. 


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