June 2, 2020

Watch Morah Haley's Rock, Sand and Water experiment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOivoKT_JPQ&t=5s

Watch Morah Lana Read Clark the Shark , by Bruce Hale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-MC0zw_KcY&t=3s
Art and Number:
Schools of Thumbprint Fish.
Tell you child that a group of fish swimming together is called 'a school of fish.'
Here's the art part: Squeeze your favorite color of paint onto a paper plate. Have your child dip their thumb into the paint and make a thumbprint fish on a piece of paper.  Have them dip their index finger into the paint and make a swish tail.  Once the paint is dry, dip the back end of a pencil into a darker color paint and give your fish an eye.  You may make a whole school of fish, try different color variations.  
And now for the number component: 
Print the attachment and have your child add the corresponding number of thumbprint fish to each pond, making NUMBER schools of fish. If you don't have paint draw simple fish with an oval body and a little triangle tail. 
Extension: Make bigger schools of fish with groups labelled 10-15, or more.
Vocabulary builder and verbal description.
The Adult describes something in the ocean and the child guesses. 'I'm thinking of something that swims in the ocean.  It is very big and has very sharp teeth and it has fins.' (shark)
I'm thinking of something that lives in the ocean and has a body and eight tentacles. As it swims it's eight limbs trail behind it...' (octopus) 
I'm thinking of an animal that lives in the ocean and it is very friendly and has a snout. It's big and likes to swim with others and can jump high out of the water.  It has a blowhole at the top of its head to breathe.' (dolphin)
Look up sharks, dolphins, octopi, whales, turtles,... online, and watch together.  Then have your child describe one for you to guess. 
Gross Motor:
Parts of a Boat - name the parts and show action for each part.
BOW - front end of a boat (run to one end of the room/ outside area)
STERN - rear of the boat (run to opposite end of the room)
PORT - left side of the boat (run to the left side and sit criss- cross)
STARBOARD - Right side of the boat (run to the right side and lie down)
Directions: After some practice following the directions, adult cells out 'Stern!' and the child runs to the far end of the room/deck
'Port!' child runs to the left side and sits criss- cross... As your child gets familiar with the directions, call parts out more rapidly so that your child has to change directions mid run.  Enjoy!


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