June 3, 2020

Watch Morah Lana read The Deep Blue Sea, by Audrey Wood 
Ocean Memory game. In a round with two or more people, the first person says ' In the ocean there was a shark.' The second person says 'In the ocean there was a shark and a dolphin.' Then the third person (or if only two are playing, go back to the first person) says 'In the ocean there was a shark, a dolphin and a turtle.' Continue going around, always starting with 'In the ocean there was' and listing, in order what each person said, and adding what you saw at the end. (Hammerhead shark, giant squid, seahorse, whale, humpback whale... Extension: look up and share pictures and information with your child if you'd like.)
Fill a container with water and call it the ocean. Add a bunch of small floatable objects, which could be pieces of uncooked pasta, pieces of clementine peel, blades of grass, beads - multiples of anything that floats. These are the fish. Each person makes a folded paper boat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X7g5RWSEq4(or if origami is too much, use a plate and call it your boat).  Using a dice (or numbers 1-6 written on small pieces of paper, folded) each person has a turn to throw the dice and, using a slotted spoon (mesh strainer, or spoon) 'fish' out that number of 'fish' and place in your boat.  Continue until there are no more fish in the ocean. Everyone empties their boat and counts their fish.  Who caught the most fish? 
Jellyfish Craft 
Have your child cut out a semicircle in a color of their choice to be the head of a jellyfish. They can glue their jellyfish head onto a blue piece of paper to represent the ocean water. For tentacles, children can glue on yarn or pipe cleaners. Lastly, glue on two googly eyes and draw a smile! 
Watch Morah Haley Read A Visitor For Bear
Gross Motor:
Ocean actions.
Decide what the action can be:
*Boat - jump feet apart, one arm extended straight up, other arm extended out to the side
*Octopus- Lie on back, arms and legs extended up- wave arms and legs
*Starfish- lie on back, limbs extended, diagonally
*Crab - walk like a crab; lie on back, bend knees with feet on floor, place hands on the floor either side of chest and lift body - 'crab walk'
*Fish- lie on belly, arms extended beyond head, fingers intertwined, feet crossed, lift chest, blow bubble
*Wave- feet together, arms stretched up high, bend knees , then straighten legs and balance on tip toes
*Seagull- arms out, fly like a seagull
Adult calls out * and the child does the actions.


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