June 7-11, 2021


We learned about more birds or marine life that we could possibly see at the beach or at a lake.
We learned about Canadian Geese and how they hiss when they are scared or angry. 
We learned about the Snowy Egret and how he will balance on one leg and carefully hunt insects with his other leg. He will use his three clawed foot to grab the insect.
We learned about whales and how a whale can hold his breath for a full two hours under water.
We created Canadian Goose prints, a beautiful Snowy Egret with a delicate white feather, and the children helped to cut the blue paper used for their “blue whales”.
We learned some new songs:
This was our last full week of school and the kids are still working hard.   We had some birthday celebrations this week.  We celebrated Sahar's birthday and the summer "almost" birthdays for Bear and Grace.  All the children enjoyed the celebrations; especially the treats.  We continued our sea life theme throughout the classroom and have read lots of fun ocean life books.  
We have reached the last letter of the alef bet, ת. In honor of the letter, the children “made” תירס (corn.) We talked about the various ways to cook corn and how in some cultures, the husk is left on while cooking. It was a lively  conversation with full participation.
This weeks parashat was a tricky one. How to cover the subject without scaring the children was successfully accomplished. I discussed how Korach and his followers were jealous of Moshe and Aaron and their “titles.” G-d was the one in charge and he let everyone know that. He was displeased with the rebellion and “banished” Korach and his followers. We talked about respecting authority and being grateful for what we are given. 
We continued with discussion of dolphins, seahorses and the octopus. The children have been working hard, keeping really busy with all the activities, and enjoying outdoor time, and taking care to water our garden.  The tomatoes, sugar snap peas, carrots and herbs are growing at quite a rate - as are the milkweeds, which the children insist on watering.  We keep these for the monarch butterflies and hope they find them along their travels. 
We celebrated Yuval's sixth birthday on Monday with pictures from baby to age six! 
We continued to discuss Ocean Life.  We discussed how fish can breathe under water.  The kids were very interested and fascinated with the books that were read to them. 
In math we played 'fishing addition' taking turns catching two (numbered) fish and having everyone record the equation. The children are all working through their Math books- eager to complete them before the last day of school! 
We made a storyboard - one person starts telling a story and stops mid sentence, followed by the next person in line, who continues with the sentence and elaborates on the story. 
See this week's photo's here https://photos.app.goo.gl/aF5a91Jyv79CqptN6


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