LEARNING AT HOME: April 20, 2020

Welcome back to school, in an upside down kind of way. 

Hopefully everyone enjoyed some fun family time with little expectations and a good helping of lazing, laughter, silliness and old fashioned playing outside and perhaps fewer screen hours. 
So now that we are back 'on schedule' here's the menu for today: Pick and choose but do as much as you can.
Morah Nicole reads 'Inch by Inch, Row by Row' on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaGBObMFdSI
And Morah Sheryl shares a story 'Where the Wild Things Are' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8S_023-Qes
This week we focus on Planet Earth. 
ART:  Earth Collage
Materials Needed: Paper Coffee Filter, Blue and Green Markers, Squirt bottle filled with water (or any tool that can help drizzle water without causing water to pool on the coffee filter), Black or blue (Construction) Paper, Glue, White Crayon
Have your child scribble or mark up the coffee filter with the green and blue markers.
Take your squirt bottle, and let your child gently spray the coffee filter until the colors run and mix together. 
Let the coffee filter dry.
Have your child glue the coffee filter onto the black, or blue (construction) paper.
Have your child make “stars” on the black paper with the white crayon.
Talking about the weather on Planet Earth.  Gather white paper and crayons or markers. Ask your child to think about the weather - ask them 'what is the weather today?' then encourage your child to draw a cloud.  Ask what they hear when you say 'c-loud' (emphasizing the 'c' sound) and have them write c. If your child is writing, have them write the word, or you write the word for them.  Then ask about rain.  What do they hear when you say 'r-ain' and ask them to draw a picture of rain.  Draw a picture for each type of weather; include clouds, rain, sun, wind, snow.  Drawing and labeling/writing.  Then, print out the weather chart (attached) and show your child that the month is APRIL and the day is Monday, 20th.  Encourage your child to draw today's weather in the block labelled April 20.  Keep the chart in a visible spot and encourage your child to draw in the weather each day - make a point of telling them that they can ONLY do the weather one day at a time, and only in the little box.
We're talking Earth, which may lead to discussion about recycling.
Look through your recycling bin.  Sortout boxes, yogurt tubs, bottles...  Countand recordthe total number of each item. Then create a RECYCLED NUMBER ROBOT. Use one item for the head.  Use two containers to make the body. Use a total of 4 items to make the arms (2 for each arm).  Use 6 items total for the legs (can include feet too). Add more detail if you want. Now count all the bottles, boxes, containers used for your Recycled Number Robot and write the total number on a final object or paper (robot's hat) and stick it on your robot's head.  
GROSS MOTOR: Musical Continents(as in traditional the Musical chairs game)
Ask your child to sing the Continent Song: (You may search 'Montessori Continent Song' and a version of the song will guide you):
North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.
What about Australia? Don't forget Antarctica.
North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.
Lay out seven pillows (or chairs) each representing a continent.  Have your child decide which cushion is which continent.  (Maybe the white one is for Antarctica...) Sing the song as you move around the cushions and when the song stops (when you stop singing), everyone sits on a cushion.  Then remove a cushion. Sing the song again as you dance around the cushions.  When the song stops, quickly sit on a cushion.  Take another cushion away.  Repeat until there is only one cushion remaining.  The winner is the person who gets to sit on the last remaining cushion/ 'continent'. 


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